• Renders


  • Katie Spencer White

    Katie Spencer White

    Executive Director, Advocate for the Vulnerable, SJW, Friend. Writer, mom of 5, lipstick addict, history buff. Book lover, Jesus Freak, nature lover, Wayseeker.

  • Amy Alt

    Amy Alt

  • Molly Gauthier

    Molly Gauthier

    Astrologer & Nutrition Therapist

  • Brent Finnegan

    Brent Finnegan

    Harrisonburg Planning Commissioner. Former candidate for Virginia’s House of Delegates, 26th District. Working to build resilient communities & a just economy.

  • Kristin Reed

    Kristin Reed

    Labor & Public Education | Join an org. Pay dues. Observe collective discipline. I’m with @VCUworkers, @RichmondForAll, @AAUP. she/her 🏳️‍🌈

  • RJ Happel

    RJ Happel

    Freelance writer from Jonesborough, Tennessee. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, eating baked ziti, and writing short bios of herself in third-person.

  • David Harvey

    David Harvey

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